Pro Shop Services

Larry's Sports believes the most important thing any business can do is to offer great services to its customers. We have continued to build our business around this belief.

Some of the great services that we offer include:

  • Skate sharpening customized to your needs
  • Stick sizing and cutting
  • Helmet fitting
  • Custom name plates
  • Skate Fitting
  • Helmet Repair
  • Custom Radius Profiling
  • Rivet removal and replacement
  • Equipment repair

At Larry's Sports we put customer service first!  We play the game and we coach the game.  We'll do our best to answer all your questions and find what you need.

Professional Skate Sharpening

Properly sharpened skates is essential to your performance whether you are a hockey player, coach, figure skater, or on-ice official. Professional skate sharpening is a term that is often used, but few skate sharpeners understand the process. The most important aspect of skate sharpening is to keep both blade edges level. If these edges are not level, your skates will not "bite" the ice properly, and slipping will occur.

It is our belief that professional skate sharpening begins with a professional machine. At Larry's Sports we use the best machine money can buy. The Blackstone Pro Radius. This triple head machine not only allows us to sharpen your skates to your specifications, but it also enables us to contour your skates using the Custom Radius system. We have built our business around skate sharpening, and we take great pride in the professional job that we do.

Radius of Hollow (ROH)

Radius of Hollow refers to the hollow grind on the bottom of your skate blade. This hollow is very important as it provides for a grove down the centre of the skate blade, and establishes both an inside and an outside edge. It is these edges that allow skaters to glide and turn.

Generally speaking, the deeper the hollow, the more "bite" the skater will have into the ice, allowing for sharper turns and quicker change of direction. The more shallow the hollow, the easier the skater's glide on the ice will be, enabling the skater to exert less energy.

Custom Radius Profiling

Skate profiling is a precision system of shaping skate blades to the individual specifications of each skater. Accurate positioning of the balance point on the blade provides maximum stability and manoeuvrability.  Profiling is simply not removing metal from the heel and toe area of the skate blade. Sharpeners have been "rockering" skate blades this way for years with no consistency from one skate to the next. This is a precision process that can not be done without a suitable machine such as the Blackstone Pro Radius or Prosharp AS2001.

If you are interested in our profiling services please e-mail us at or call 604-987-6630.