Warrior Covert QR Edge Hockey Stick Review

Warrior Hockey has slowly but surely become a serious contender when it comes to hockey equipment. Their gloves are comfortable, well priced, and protective. Their sticks, have quickly grown to become player favourites in the NHL. And their protective line, isn’t far behind.

Today, we’re talking about the Warrior Covert QR Edge hockey stick - Warrior’s latest and greatest from the Covert series.

Once again, the Covert QR Edge features an ultra-low kickpoint, which arguably favours snap shots and wrist shots. Players who seek a quick release and less loading time will be a big fan of this kickpoint.

The stick features two major innovations. The first, is the use of Minimus Carbon 1200 - an extremely thin, 12k, high strength carbon fibre. It’s the first time that Minimus Carbon 1200 has ever been used in a stick and it’s a big step for Warrior in terms of creating lighter, more responsive products.

Anyone who has used a QR or QR1 stick in the past can expect a lighter, and more lively stick, with plenty of pop.

The second major innovation, and perhaps one of the biggest innovations for hockey sticks this past product cycle, has been the introduction of Warrior’s new edge taper. It’s an angled, six-sided taper that’s shaped like a hexagon, and is similar to Easton’s ever-popular stealth taper.

The thin, almost spherical taper, allows for a faster release and really allows the stick to do the work for you. Still sceptical about the Warrior QR Edge? Consider that star defenseman Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings, who used Easton sticks religiously for the past several seasons, made the choice to switch to Warrior’s Covert lien this season.

The release and taper are the real deal. Any hockey players that were fans of the Easton Stealth series will also find this stick a welcome release - the Edge taper is a similar, and very welcome substitute for Easton’s elliptical taper.

The Warrior QR Edge also features True 1 Phantom construction, the company’s signature stick construction that allows for optimal balance and more energy transfer and feel than you’d find with a molded hockey stick.

The Pro Cortex Grip is a textured grip in the middle of the shaft, which is a small, subtle, but very welcome touch.

Those that are looking for a more price friendly stick will also be happy to hear that Warrior’s Edge Taper drops down for several models. Not only that, most models in the covert line received an upgrade in the carbon fibre being used - meaning better performance and more bang for your buck.

Overall, the Warrior QR Edge is a fantastic stick, and a very welcome addition to the world of hockey products. For more information and to find one for yourself, be sure to check us out at in store or online.