Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Glove Review

When Warrior introduced the Alpha QX gloves into the market, they brought a brand-new fit into their already-popular lineup.
The Hybrid Traditional fit was very well received. It featured a loose fit in the fingers and cuff, paired with a tighter, more snug fit in the backhand. The new fit created a unique, happy medium for both traditional glove users those looking for a streamlined fit.
Now, Warrior is back with the newest glove in their arsenal, the Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Glove. Here's a quick look at what's new, what's improved, and what Warrior fans can look forward to.
One of the biggest changes that Warrior made with this year's glove is the introduction of their new Impax+ protection package. The backhand and the fingers of the glove are padded with their high-end VN and HD forams, as well as plastic inserts. This means that players will have optimal protection from pucks, slashes, and the wear and tear of hockey, but using two different foams and inserts will keep the weight down.
Warrior has also carried over a number of popular features from their last glove into the Alpha DX.
Similar to the QX, the exterior of the glove is a mix of Warrior's synthetic leather and DynaMesh nylon. The leather can be found towards the outer half of the glove, providing extra durability for high-wear areas.
The rest of the glove is Warrior's DynaMesh nylon, which is not only breathable but helps keep the weight of the glove down.
The Alpha DX Glove also features a three-piece glove in the index and middle finger -- a feature that's not often found in traditional four-roll gloves. The triple-segmented fingers allow for extra mobility and a better grip around the stick. 
The DX also boasts a high-end palm. The palm on the glove is a grey digital base with a black clarino overlay on the base of the hand.
The digital palm allows for fantastic mobility and grip on the stick -- it's also rather hard to find on retail gloves nowadays and is a popular choice with the pros. The clarino overlay, however, adds some much-needed durability, while still giving the glove optimal feel.
Two of the final features of the glove can be found in the cuff and on the inner liner. 
The Alpha DX Glove features Warrior's Hybrid Flex cuff, which allows for optimal mobility, while still staying close the wrist for full protection.
The inner liner is Warrior's WarTech FNC liner, which helps wick away moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria.
So what's the verdict?
Well, the Alpha DX glove carried over some of the most popular features of the QX but also brought in some very welcome upgrades -- namely the Impax+ foam package.  For anyone looking for a modern, up-to-date spin on a classic 4-roll glove, be sure to check out the Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Glove in store or online.