CCM Tacks 910 Helmet Review

On June 26, CCM will release the Tacks 910 hockey helmet, the successor of its ultra-popular Tacks line. With a comfortable, adjustable fit, the 710 and 310 models were a big hit with hockey players of all head shapes and skill levels. Here's a quick look at the Tacks 910 helmet and all the new features. 

Like many of CCM's offerings, the 910 helmet was designed with elite protection in mind. The company says that it worked with the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory at the University of Ottawa to develop this helmet. 

One of the most notable and visible changes is an upgrade to the protective padding inside of the shell.  The Tacks 910 helmet introduces "Fluid Inside" pods, circular pods that replace the hexagon-shaped padding that filled the 710 and 310 helmet. The pods are combined with CCM's tried-and-true D30 smart material, allowing for even better impact protection. 

By mixing different protective materials, as well as materials of different thicknesses, protective equipment can better displace impact.  

Another welcome upgrade is the I.Q. Shion Gel Liner. The 910 helmets will feature the same dual-density foams that were successfully used in previous models but with the edition of a memory-foam comfort liner. The extra liner will make the helmet more comfortable, as well as easier to break-in. 

The back of the helmet also makes use of an "active stabilizer," which is an extra piece of protective padding at the very back of the helmet. This supports the occipital bone, which is located at the lower back of the skull. Helmets that aren't the right size or shape for players can sometimes cause a gap between the edge of the helmet's padding and the occipital bone on the player's head. 

Lastly, CCM has shifted the adjustment tool from the back of the helmet to both sides of it. Players will find a tool-free, front-to-back adjustment in a reinforced impact frame. Not only will the 910 fit a wider range of head sizes but it'll benefit from the added durability, standing up to the wear and tear of hockey. 

Overall, the CCM 910 helmet takes a lot of the factors that made its predecessors successful and build on it, without drastically changing the original formula. Players will appreciate the familiar, comfortable fit of the helmet with some added benefits in the form of comfort and protection. 

For more information on the CCM Tacks 910 helmet or to order your own, check out Larry's Sports Shop in North Vancouver and online.