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CCM Tacks 720 Helmet Review

CCM's newest helmet has officially released and it's looking to turn some heads. 

Inspired by the record-breaking success of the Super Tacks X Helmet, the Tacks 720 helmet presents fantastic protection and high-end features at a great price.

ccm tacks 720 helmet

Here's everything you can expect with CCM's newest helmet. 

CCM's AER-TEC thermoregulation system

Similar to the Jetspeed FT6 Pro protective line, the Tacks 720 Helmet features CCM's AER-TEC thermoregulation system. 

In short, the helmet is designed for better air circulation, sweat evaporation, and keeping players cool during the heat of the game. 

The team at Larry's Sports has had the chance to use the Tacks 720 helmet for ice hockey and inline -- we can confidently say that the helmet does a great job of being breathable and keeping players cool. We'll touch on how it does that shortly. 

Fantastic design and protection features at a great price

The Tacks 720 Helmet marries some of CCM's most popular design and protection features. 

For starters, it uses the same shell as CCM's Super Tacks X and Tacks 910 helmet. The shell has plenty of built-in ventilation to encourage air flow and it looks great on the heads of players. 

The inside of the helmet also shows off some of CCM's best protective features. 

For starters, this is the first CCM helmet to incorporate Nest Tech outside of the Super Tacks X. Nest Tech is a 3D-printed material that's extremely comfortable and breathable while still providing protection. 

The helmet also uses CCM's popular D30 and I.Q.Shion foam. From a protection standpoint, these materials are tried and true, having been in the Tacks 710 and 310 helmet. 

Finally, the back of the helmet also has an occipital support cushion that players will feels supporting the base of their head. It's a small feature that goes a long way in creating a comfortable fit.  

Tool-free adjustment

Unlike the Tacks 710 and 310 helmet, the Tacks 720 helmet adjusts front-to-back.

The tabs are located on the side of the helmet, so they're easy to adjust and they stay locked in during prolonged periods of play. 

How it fits

Finally, it's time for the most important question. How does the helmet fit and is it comfortable? 

The CCM Tacks 710 and 310 were fantastic helmets that were very wide-head friendly, because they adjusted around the circumference of a player's head.


Even though this one adjusts front-to-back, our impression is that the Tacks 720 will be able to fit a wide range of head shapes, including players with wider heads. 

The use of D30 in the sides of the helmet, as well as Nest Tech in the front really help the helmet fit a variety of head shapes. 

The final word

The CCM Tacks 720 Helmet comes in at $229.99 and we're thoroughly impressed at the design and technology that's being included in this price point. 

As far as comfort goes, the Tacks 720 competes with all of the top offerings in the market. 

If you're looking for a new helmet this coming season, we're confident that the Tacks 720 will be a great offering. 

Want to check it out for yourself? Come by and get fitted by one of our experts at Larry's Sports Shop or find it online.