CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Skate Review

Since introducing a one-piece boot to the market, CCM Hockey has taken the world of skates by storm. Now, the company is gearing up to release its latest model and they're going back to the product line that started it all. 

On June 26, 2020 CCM will release the Super Tacks AS3 Pro hockey skate, along with the entire AS3 skate line. There's plenty of new features to look forward to, so here's a quick look at what CCM's done this time around. 

As mentioned before, CCM's claim to fame has become a one-piece, monocomp boot -- meaning that the skate doesn't have an outsole. It allows for the skater to feel more connected to their blades and it encourages better energy transfer. Not only that but because it doesn't have an outsole or excess materials, one-piece CCM skates are often much lighter in terms of weight. 

In terms of new features, players will be able to look forward to a new holder and upgraded steel. The AS3 Pro skate features CCM's newest holder, the Speedblade XS1. The holder was first introduced at the pro level and has since made its way to CCM's high-end offerings and includes a faster, more durable system to switch skate blades. The skate blade on the AS3 Pro is also 2 mm taller than standard skate blades -- this means that the blade will last longer and that players can be more aggressive on tight turns, without worrying about losing an edge. 

The next biggest feature of the AS3 Pro skate is CCM's brand new XS Tongue -- a brand new, customizable tongue that's meant to give players the ultimate fit. The tongue uses a two-pin clipping system to swap tongues without worrying about the connection to the toe cap. 

By changing the tongue, players will have access to different thicknesses and can increase or decrease the volume of the skate, leading to the perfect fit. While the standard AS3 Pro tongue features CCM's Asymettrical flex point, players can also use tongues with CCM's D30 material, which provides 20% more protection. The XS tongue system also includes a "slim" model, which is thinner, lighter, and allows for additional volume in the boot. 

Overall, there's plenty to look forward to in the new CCM AS3 Pro skate. It's perfect for skaters with a wide forefoot that want a customized fit, right out of the box. For more information on the CCM AS3 Pro hockey skate, be sure to stay tuned as we draw closer to release date.