CCM Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pad Review

The CCM Tacks line has become a staple in the field of protective equipment. 

When CCM first re-released the Ultra Tacks line several years ago, it marked a big turning point for the company. 

It meant the introduction of CCM's incredibly popular D30 Foam, and the pads were an instant success at both the retail and pro level. 

Now, the company returns in 2019 with its latest addition to the Super Tacks line. Here's what's new, improved, and worth looking at for the CCM Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads. 

Naturally, high-end protection and a close-to-body fit are two of the most important checkpoints for the Super Tacks line. 

CCM checks off both boxes through the use of their signature D30, as well as dual-core, high-density shoulder caps. It's pro level protection, that still manages to be very lightweight. 

Another returning feature is the floating bicep pad. It's adjustable via velcro, which allows for a perfect fit, regardless of the size of the user -- or the size of their elbow pad. This year, it features two vertically-adjusting straps - an improvement over the original Super Tacks - which is a very welcome adjustment. 

One of the most notable features of the Super Tacks AS1 shoulder pads is the addition of high-density foam around the kidneys. This means that when play gets rough, players will be fully protected. 

There's also additional D30 foam in the torso, which gives even better protection in the upper body. 

Overall, it was about making the shoulder pad more customizable for the user and giving them more protection where they need it the most. 

The CCM Super Tacks AS1 shoulder pad is a very welcome improvement. You can find it now in-stores and online at Larry's Sports Shop.