CCM Super Tacks AS1 Elbow Pads Review

The CCM Super Tacks AS1 elbow pad is the successor of the Super Tacks line. 

The most noticeable change of the pads is the introduction of a 360-degree strap on the forearm. It's fully adjustable and is meant to give players the perfect fit, no matter what size that they use or what size their forearms are. 

The forearm guard is a mix of CCM's D30 Smart Foam, as well as a compressed high-density foam. 

The elbow pad also features a mesh lock strap on the inside of the arm. The material is lightweight and breathable, but it won't stretch out over the course of multiple uses. 

Sometimes, during a game, elbow pads will slip on a player's arm due to sweating. Staying locked in for an entire game or practice means full protection for the full length of the game. 

A returning feature is CCM's JDP elbow cap -- a design that's truly stood the test of time. Impacts are spread out throughout the entire pad, rather than remaining in a single spot. This minimizes the risk of injury -- not to mention that it simply won't hurt as much. 

The bicep-guard also features pro-level, lightweight protection. It uses a moulded insert and closed-cell foam, meaning that it won't absorb sweat or water, keeping it lighter throughout the game. 

The CCM Super Tacks AS1 elbow pad is available at Larry's Sports Shop in-store and online.