CCM Jetspeed FT2 Hockey Stick Review

CCM is back with their newest stick -- the CCM Jetspeed FT2. This time, it's the company's hybrid kick point stick that gets a makeover, and it's designed to give the perfect blend of loading and release.
This stick would be suitable for players of any position who take a variety of shots, as well as players that are looking for a stick to work for them in any situation. 
Or, as CCM says, a stick that's prepared to take shots from just about anywhere. 
Starting with the very core of the stick, CCM's Jetspeed FT2 features Sigmatex ST -- a carbon fibre that, according to the company, was developed by a world leader in aerospace technology specifically for CCM.
Will the Jetspeed FT2 be going into space anytime soon? No, but you can bet that it carries the light weight and performance that you'd demand from a top-of-the-line stick, without compromising durability.
This year, CCM made a point of improving their molding technology. X-Flow technology is a process that helps remove excess resin from the stick. Not only does it reduce the weight of the stick, but it also allows for a more consistent, better quality stick. This means that you can expect the same, high-end performance with every stick.
The shaft also features CCM's R-geometry. It's a shaft with double-concave corners, meaning rounder corners, concave sides, and a streamlined shape. 
Expect a stick that's rounder and one that sits more comfortably in the hands. For the sake of comparison, it'll be a lot less boxy than a stick from say, CCM's Super Tacks line. 

Moving onto the blade, the Jetspeed FT2 features CCM's JF-80 blade. It's a new, lightweight blade with a slightly dampened feel, giving players maximum puck feel during play.
It also features a reinforced heel and toe, meaning that the stick can withstand every ice time, every face-off, and every battle in the boards.
The JF-80 blade also has a grippy, tactile surface, which is meant to deliver even more puck feel, especially for those that don't tape the entire blade. Props to CCM here, it's a small, but very appreciated move.
Overall, the new blade and an even lighter stick is a very welcome improvement. For a closer look at the CCM Jetspeed FT2, be sure to check it out when it releases in-store and online.