CCM Jetspeed FT2 Hockey Skate Review

CCM is back with another brand new skate. This time, their beloved Jetspeed line gets a welcome makeover, as the company releases the CCM Jetspeed FT2 Hockey Skate.

 The FT2 will be the brand’s flagship model for the Jetspeed line for the next two years and builds on the highly successful Jetspeed FT1. While the two skates may look different, many customers will be wondering - what’s new and what’s improved between the two models?

Let’s dive in and find out.

Nearly every aspect of the FT2 skate has received an upgrade - but that doesn’t mean the fit is any different. Jetspeed fans can still expect a medium volume skate with a slightly narrow forefoot and a narrow heel pocket.

One of the biggest changes, however, is CCM’s brand new boot: the one-piece, L1TEFRAME 360 EVO with RocketFrame composite. Similar to the Jetspeed FT1 and the Super Tacks AS1, the one-piece boot lets CCM remove the outsole entirely. This means a lighter, more responsive skate that gives better connection to the ice.

Not to mention, the one-piece boot boasts phenomenal fit after heat molding the skate.

The inside of the boot features the brand’s high-end liner: Total-Dri Pro+. The premium liner helps wick away sweat and keep a player’s foot dry during the game - that also means less heel slippage as the game reaches the second and third period.

The Jetspeed FT2 skate also carries over two very popular features from it predecessor. The inner liner includes DuraZone Abrasion Patches, an anti-wear material that’s strategically placed in wear-and-tear areas. This means that the inner liner of your skate is more durable against your shin pad as you push off in stride.

The second feature is the pro collar. It’s a smooth, softer material that wraps the top of the skate and prevents the L1TEFRAME boot from cutting into your ankles.

To cap off the upper-half of the skate, the FT2 also brings forward CCM’s new Metatomic Tongue. It’s a more anatomically-correct tongue and its new design allows for a better wrap around the foot when molding. Naturally, the thick felt features some high-end foams and a lace-bite guard, meaning that the comfort gets paired with top-notch protection.

The lower half of the skate also features some brand new technology. In fact, it’s the first time that CCM has EVER released it to the public.

CCM’s brand new SpeedBlade XS holder features a quick-release BladeLock system. Similar to other competitors in the market, the new holder allows for users to swap steel in seconds. This means less time spent worrying about dull edges and more time spent on the ice.

The FT2 also features SB XS1 Black steel, which features a carbon coating to help an edge last longer. In key moments of the game, you’ll always want to have an edge, so why not with your skates? The new steel is also 2 mm higher than normal, which allows the skater to be more aggressive and turning. Naturally, taller steel also means that each pair will last just that much longer.

Overall, CCM took an already successful skate and made some very welcome changes. Not to mention, the Jetspeed FT2 is one of the lightest in the market. To try it on and check out CCM’s latest and greatest for yourself, be sure to come see us at Larry’s Sports Shop for more.