Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Protective Review

Bauer has officially launched its latest line of Supreme products. With the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic line of protective equipment, the goal is ensuring full coverage and maximum protection without hindering a player's ability to move. This year's lineup introduces plenty of new features designed to help you're equipment move with you. Here's a breakdown of every new product and what the Ultrasonic line has to offer. 

Supreme Ultrasonic Gloves


Bauer fans will be very happy to hear that the Ultrasonic gloves reintroduce a very popular protective feature. The backhand of the gloves feature a triple-density foam, paired with the fan-favourite Poron XRD in the backhand. 

For the glove, Bauer uses its AMP technology to ensure full wrist coverage in all situations, whether that be shooting, stickhandling, or grabbing water in between shifts. And for even more mobility, the Ultrasonic glove uses a three-piece flex thumb and a three-piece middle and ring finger, which is designed to optimize stick control and feel while shooting. 

Supreme Ultrasonic Shoulder Pads

Bauer has designed the UltraSonic line for the player who needs full protection from pucks and battles in the corner, but can't afford to have their equipment slow them down. For the shoulder pads, one of the newest features is the AMP shoulder cap, which is paired with Vent Armour Foam and a split cap bicep. The purpose of this technology is to ensure that there's full coverage and mobility when a player moves their arms. 

The shoulder pad also receives a notable upgrade in the chest and sternum area. Bauer calls the technology its ADAPTIV Skin sternum, a floating plate in the upper chest area that's meant to provide protection while still conforming to your body shape. Additionally, players can go into puck battles knowing that they're fully protected in the side and back of their body, thanks to an extended rib wrap and Vent Armour foam on the spine. 

Supreme Ultrasonic Elbow Pads

The Ultrasonic elbow pads are remarkable light and have fantastic mobility, while still introducing new technology and multiple layers of protection. Most notably, players will find that the elbow pad showcases and independent forearm, which offers increased movement during stickhandling and shooting. Bauer also uses Adaptiv skin protection in the forearm area this time, ensuring that players receive optimal protection from sticks, pucks, and anything else. 

Supreme Ultrasonic Shin Pads

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic shin pads build on the brand's AMP technology. One of the most unique features of this year's model is a split shin guard. Not only does it offer maximum protection but it provides players with a low profile fit and a more efficient stride. 

Bauer's new ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap has also been redesigned to provide a deeper, more secure fit while playing. And when it comes to protecting the outside of your knee and the calf area, Bauer has done a great job by using a Vent Armour foam and its ADAPTIV Skin on the calf.