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Bauer Supreme Mach Protective Review

The Bauer Supreme Mach protective family has officially launched and there's a lot to look forward to. Bauer's Supreme line is synonymous with protection and comfort, without sacrificing mobility -- this year is no exception. 

This year, we were particularly impressed with a stealthy look and some key upgrades to the shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin pads. 

Want to learn about what's new and noteworthy for the latest Supreme protective equipment? Let's dive in. 

Shoulder Pads

Bauer Supreme Mach Shoulder Pads

One of the first things that we noticed about the Bauer Supreme Mach shoulder pads were that it provides exceptional coverage while still being low-profile and sitting close to your body. 

Bauer attributes this to what they call Active Motion Protection, or AMP, which is designed to mimic the natural movements of your shoulders and arms. 

Another feature that really impressed us is the use of both CURV Composite and a Hyperlite foam. The bicep and sternum feature CURV for lightweight protection, while Hyperlite foam provides full-body coverage while keeping players dry. 

Elbow Pads

Built to absorb anything coming your way, the Bauer Supreme Mach elbow pads also received a welcome upgrade from its previous model. 

One of the newest features is what Bauer calls an ErgoDynamic Lab Elbow Cap. It's designed to have a deep and stable fit on your elbow joint, giving players a comfortable and locked in fit. 

Similar to the Supreme shoulder pads, it also features the use of CURV compostie in the biceps and forearm, providing fantastic lightweight protection. This is rounded out with Bauer's Defense Cloud Tech Foam, a lightweight foam that gives added protection against high-energy impacts. 


The Bauer Supreme Mach pant features an anatomical fit, meaning that it fits snug and close to your body for maximum protection. But don't be fooled -- these pants provide exceptional mobility as well. 

The pants have a segmented hip guard which allows for maximum mobility, while still keeping your body protected, even in motion. 

CURV composite in the lower back and Defense Cloud Tech around the hip will also keep players protected. 

Shin Pads

 The Bauer Supreme Mach shin pads are another piece of protective that got a major upgrade. 

Built to block shots, ignore slashes, and still give players their best stride, the shin pads feature a new X-FLEX Shield Cap. The shin pad is built with different flex points across the shin, which help players get a more efficient skating stride. 

Similar to other pieces of the Supreme Mach line, you'll be able to find CURV composite on the calf and Defense Cloud Tech foam in the knee area. 

The bottom area of the shin pad also features a hinged section to provide more mobility and a better stride. 

Welcome upgrades to a brand new line of Supreme equipment

Thanks to the use of CURV composite, lightweight foams, and an upgraded design, each piece of the Bauer Supreme Mach protective line looks like a major upgrade from its predecessors. 

You can shop each piece of the new protective line in-store or online at Larry's Sports.