Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skate Review

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skate is the much-anticipated sequel to the Bauer 1S. A favourite of the Bauer line for years, the Supreme skate line best fits those with a slightly wider forefoot and a larger instep – meaning a foot with more volume.

So how does one of the top skate companies in hockey expand in improve an already popular skate? Let’s find out.

One of the largest overhauls in the Bauer 2S Pro Skate is the use of a Carbon Curv Composite boot. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen Bauer’s Carbon Curv be used in a skate – previous iterations and even Bauer’s Vapor and Nexus line are still using an older version of the Curv Composite.

The new material makes for a stiffer, lighter skate, that responds especially well to heat-molding. The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro ranks in at 810 grams for a size 9 skate – making it extremely lightweight.

Another major new feature is the Reflex Pro Tongue – a thick, felt tongue with moldable composite inserts. According to Bauer, the tongue offers 20% better protection, as well as increased forward flex and the ability to spring-back during your stride. Combine that with the C-Flex Tendon Guard, a popular feature that’s exclusive to Bauer’s Supreme line, and you get a skate that allows for full range of motion during skating.

Moving downwards, the Bauer SpeedPlate also received a much-needed upgrade, with the 2S Pro skate boasting the SpeedPlate 2.0. The insole allows for better balance, support, and energy transfer in the skate than with traditional foam insoles. The 2.0 insole includes a thicker layer of foam – meaning more comfort – and a softer, more flexible design, meaning that the insole is much less likely to crack or break down.

Last but not least is the Tuuk LS5 Carbon Runners. Bauer gives their steel a well-deserved makeover and it doesn’t disappoint. The steel is coated with a carbon-nitrate that gives players better bite on the ice, as well as a longer lasting edge – meaning that players and parents won’t need to sharpen their skates as often. Players can often go down in their hollow when skating on LS5 steel, meaning that they’ll have all the bite they’d expect but even more glide.

Overall, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skate is a very welcome update to the beloved Supreme line. If you’re in the market for new skates, you’d be far from disappointed.