Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Stick Review

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Stick is Bauer’s latest, top-of-the-line offering to the Supreme family of sticks. Like many stick releases with Bauer, fans of the high-kickpoint stick can expect a blend of newly improved technologies, as well as the familiar features that make the Supreme line so great.

Here’s a quick look and our personal opinion on Bauer Hockey’s latest and greatest.

Starting with the graphics, Bauer has effectively cleaned up the design of the stick, while still creating eye-catching aesthetics. The majority of the stick is a clear black, allowing Bauer’s Textreme carbon fiber to shine through. The rest of the stick is highlighted in silver and yellow, highlighting the “2S Pro” text in the middle of the stick.

It’s clean, it’s classy, and it’s a design that balances simplicity and style.

Two of the key aspects that the Bauer 2S Pro improved on were durability and weight. The newly-introduced DuraFlex Resin system replaces the eLASTech System – stick technology that’s been in place for nearly a decade. The DuraFlex system prevents your stick from breaking down through everyday use (shooting, passing) and keeps the 2S Pro feeling newer for longer.

Another new feature of the Bauer 2S Pro is the Advanced Carbon Layering, aka the ACL technology. Bauer uses stronger designs and thinner layers of carbon fibre, meaning that the stick is lighter than ever – yet still holds up like a tank. Standing at 415 grams, it’s the lightest Supreme stick to date.

Some familiar technologies of the stick include the recently-introduced Renew Core, a popular feature that was introduced in last year’s Bauer Supreme 1S. The blade is filled with a pressurized liquid that will fill cracks when the blade breaks down. It’s a unique, ground-breaking process and the Bauer Supreme line is the only stick on the market to feature any technology like it.

The 2S Pro also includes the same high-kick point that power shooters have grown to love. The MPK (Maximum Power Kick) technology keeps the lower half of the shaft stiff and allows players to lean in and put every ounce of power into their shot.

Overall, Bauer took a great stick and made it lighter, stronger, and more durable. Not only that, but the new graphic of the 2S Pro looks fantastic. To get your hands on one of Bauer’s latest and greatest composite sticks, you can visit us in store at Larry's Sports or here online at