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Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Skate Review

The hype is officially here. The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 skate has officially been released and Bauer is calling it their best and highest performing Vapor skate ever created

The Vapor line has historically been one of the most popular skate families amongst youth hockey players, beer leaguers, and NHLers alike. In the NHL, they're worn by stars like Matthew Tkachuk, Jack and Quinn Hughes, Elias Pettersson, William Nylander, and Cole Caufield -- just to name a few. 

If you're wondering about what's new, what's different, and what you should look forward to with the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 skate, we've got you covered. Let's dive in to our review. 

Bauer's Fit System 

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 skate will be available in Intermediate (Skate Size 4 to 6.5) and Senior (Skate Size 7 to 12). 

It's also available in three distinct fits (Fit 1, Fit 2, and Fit 3), allowing players to choose their skate of choice based on different performance features, rather than being locked into a specific skate family because of the fit. 

Bauer's Fit 1 will best fit players with narrow and tapered feet, similar to older Vapor skates. Fit 2 has a slightly wider forefoot and more volume, fitting closest the older Supreme models. Finally, Fit 3 is the widest and most voluminous fit available. 

The fit system isn't a one-to-one comparison with Bauer's older skate models though, so we recommend visiting Larry's Sports in-store and having one of our skate specialists walk you through a fitting. 

A new boot with all your favourite features

The Hyperlite 2 boot is built with Bauer's tried and true carbon Curv composite. It's lightweight, provides exceptional support, and creates a great fit for players after being heat molded. 

Other returning features are the injected "Hyperflex" eyelets and outsole. The injected eyelets are lighter than traditional copper eyelets and are designed to give added flexibility to players while they're in stride.

Similarly, the Hyperflex outsole combines carbon fibre and a flexible back heel, which gives players more quickness and agility during turns. 

A revamped Aerolite 2.0 tongue

When the original Hyperlite skate was released, one of the newest features was the Aerolite tongue. It was lightweight and provided fantastic support -- but one common piece of feedback shared by players was that the tongue wasn't comfortable around the ankle. 

Bauer remedied this issue by creating the Aerolite 2.0 tongue, which features better medial and lateral comfort, in the same popular lightweight package. 

The brand new Powerfly holder

Aside from the new boot and updated graphics, one of the most notable changes to the Hyperlite 2 skate is the introduction of Bauer's new Powerfly holder. 

Given that skate blade holders aren't often updated, this is a pretty big deal. 

The holder has been designed so that the front portion is stiff, the middle bridge provides stability and balance, and the heel portion is more flexible.

The stiff front portion is designed to provide faster acceleration, while the flexible back portion helps with quicker pivots. According to Bauer, the holder is engineered to flex and respond to all skating situations. 

Final Thoughts

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 skate checks off a lot of boxes. On one hand, it takes the popular boot, tongue, and outsole design, and made improved it with minor changes. 

But it also brings the brand new Powerfly holder into play, which players can expect to quickly see trickle into the play across the NHL and minor leagues alike. 

For those reasons, the Bauer Vapor Hyperite 2 gets a glowing review from your friends at Larry's Sports. We've got the skate available in-store and online, so be sure to visit or give us a call.