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Product Specifics:
  • E3 -The most popular pattern in hockey. The rockered base of the blade allows you to keep the puck toward the toe and lift the heel off the ice in order to load the blade. Whether you’re going high or low, with your hands in the right spot out in front of the puck, you will look the same to the goalie.
  • E28 - This is the fastest growing pattern for elite players around the world. It not only keeps the puck on the toe for accurate snap shots, but the open face also forces your hands out in front of the puck to maximize the load and release of the stick. Built for players to seamlessly adjust as they grow into Int and Sr sticks.
  • E36 - A versatile mid curve great for handling the puck in all aspects of the game. The dual lie helps position the puck on the toe to load the blade. The Jr was developed with more curve in the toe to give younger players more control over the puck as they are developing their shooting technique.
  • E4 - A straighter curve and very slight rocker puts more blade on the ice for handling the puck on both sides. The lie keeps your stance low to the ice and gives you good reach to go around defenders.

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Make sure every piece of your stick is in harmony with the Easton Synergy HTX Composite Stick. Not only is this stick the latest in technology, it brags its many features on the ice. The Synergy HTX provides Hypertune technology, which tunes the flex in the blade and shaft together and leads to the most responsive blade for the player. Not only is the increased flex important in this stick, but the blade also has improved technology with the Hypertoe blade construction. This construction uses a stiffer toe, allowing the puck to leave the blade at a higher velocity and causing the blade to be more durable.
  • Because of the tapered shaft design, the shaft becomes thinner closer to the blade. This shaft is also equipped with a mid-taper kick point, which is the inflection point where most of the energy is stored and released. Not only is the design unique to the Synergy shaft, the tri-cell texture allows for an easier and stronger grip.
  • The core of the Synergy HTX is designed in parts, which provides the maximum amount of stability. The shaft is designed with a uni-directional carbon for balance throughout also increasing stability.
  • Other features included in the design are the multi-rib and micro-bladder blade constructions, which enhance the feel of the puck on the blade. The AirEx blade core also provides strength and stability while handling the puck.
  • The Synergy HTX will not only improve your game, but it will give you the confidence to show off your skills to your opponents.

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