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Senior Price: $199.98 CND
(Approximately $173.9 US)

Product Specifics:

  • The Vapor APX2 is ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots.
  • The combination of the Micro-Feel II shaft and Intelli-Sense secondary taper along the top and bottom surface equals decreased torsional deflection for increased puck control and accuracy upon release. The dual flex zone design allows for maximized performance benefits. A low flex point provides a quick release and accuracy, while the higher flex point delivers powerful slap shots.
  • The new AERO-SENSE blade core is designed with Bauer’s improved AERO FOAM 3 core blade technology and a unique energy absorption element to enhance the stick’s playability and performance. This complex combination is lightweight, improving the overall balance of the stick while maintaining torsional stability for a strong and quick release, with increased vibration dampening properties that improve puck feel upon pass reception and when stick handling.
  • Monocomp technology uses a single molding process which ensures performance consistency. By removing excess material like over-lapping layers, resin and foam waste, the balance of the stick is improved and overall weight is reduced. Weight is further reduced in the APX2 with TeXtreme technology, which uses ultra lightweight carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon.
  • AERO-SENSE blade core
  • eLASTech technology
  • Intelli-Sense shot technology
  • Monocomp technology
  • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Lightweight TeXtreme® construction
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension
  • Double concave walls
  • VAPOR premium dual taper
  • GRIPTAC grip application on shaft
  • Textured matte blade

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